Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Grand Parents Rock

I am one.

A Grandfather of four wonderful, challenging, baffling boys.

I use GNU/Linux.

I have used GNU/Linux for about ten years at the time of this writing.

I do not, that is NOT, ask my children for help. Generally I provide help.

This grandfather does not understand the "it is easy enough for my grand" posts to the internet. Oh, sorry intertubes or whatever it is that makes it work...

Yo, codeboy/girl I'm your daddy, er granddaddy. And your kids will one day look at you as sooooo old.

In conclusion I ask that everyone on the internet, intertubes, big pipes, whatever, please stop referring to grandparents of any gender as weaklings in understanding technical challenges.

We grandparents, well some grandparents, are quite capable of using GNU/Linux.


1 comment:

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