Friday, November 13, 2009


Remember those things?

I do. I was cleaning out the closet in the bat cave the other week and ran across a cache of floppies. Most were Debian from my days of "dialup desperation". 40 hours to download and install Debian over dialup.

I digress...among those floppies were two with nice Kodak wrappers.

Ah, some pretty cool old pics! I can't believe I sent these through some regular photo processing place! anyway...

That got me thinking about the camera that took those shots. It is gone. The camera that I've used for several years; broken by my own carelessness; the camera that I have now and the wonderful woman that gave it to me.

Back to thinking, some guy replied to my lug's (google lug) mailing list on a thread regarding ImageMajick. I thought this guy is more gui oriented than ImageMajick likes.

Well why not use gthumb? So I took a bunch of shots of old storage media; floppies, see the title of the post. I took 30-40 shots; what the hell it's digital just delete the ones you don't like. Selected seven from my hours of labor (should have been doing laundry).

See now that one needs deleting. Colors are way off, there is no center of interest...

Oh that's the one I used the tools included in gthumb to shift the colors!

Well the reader is now bored and expecting something just amazingly great. Hum, aw, uhm well gthumb doesn't have a way to write on a photo. I had to use gimp to do this.

But I did open the image in gimp from gthumb. Yep, when I was your age we took 15 floppies to boot up.

Ah man I'm supposed to be somewhere else right the last one is, oh me taking a photo of me. I know calm down everyone; sorry I didn't mean to start an internet riot.

That's the amazingly great things gthumb can do. well one it can't. It has this option for creating a "Web Album...". Maybe I'll check that out tomorrow...

I'm not really here...

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